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What is Wildflowers?

    Wildflowers is a growing and educational resource for people who are interested in land management in Southern California.

    Wildflowers is a tool to inspire people to increase the abundance of native plants in their patios, yards, landscapes, and wildlands.

    Whether you manage 10 square feet or 10 square miles we can assist you with improving vegetation management.

Did you know our wildflowers in Southern California are disappearing? Read about the natural history of wildflowers here...

Who hosts Wildflowers?

This information and website is brought to you by Chris McDonald, Natural Resource Advisor with the University of California, Cooperative Extension.

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Sand Verbena (Abronia villosa)

Last and not least, obey all laws when managing your property or visiting someone else’s property, especially when viewing wildflowers (they get trampled easily). In short don’t be inconsiderate.

Jim McGrew

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Issue #7

Issue #6

The latest issue of the Wildflowers! newsletter highlights fators adssociated with type-conversion of Coastal Sage Scrub and root competition and weed control principles.

Wildflowers Issue 10 Fall 2014.pdf

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