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Reducing Invasive Grasses

I am investigating cost-effective means of reducing invasive grasses in western Riverside County. Much of Southern California used to be covered with wildflowers and a unique plant community called Coastal Sage Scrub. Both of these plant communities are now dominated by invasive plants from Europe and bear little resemblance to the original plant community. These invasive plants increase the risk of fire beyond the natural regime and reduce the diversity of natural communities, putting people and wildlife at risk.

I am testing the efficacy of different herbicides at reducing invasive grasses while promoting native plant species. In addition this research will be conducted on a large scale to determine if large areas of Riverside County can be efficiently restored.

Restoring Native Plants

Several plant communities in western San Bernardino County are in mixed stands where invasive grasses and invasive broad-leaved plants dominate some areas while native plants remain in a few locations.

I am creating a cost-effective and viable method of removing weeds in a 3-year timeframe. At the end of the 3-year study the goal is to have reduced the weeds to very small populations and begin to reintroduce native plants. We will also determine how much more abundant wildlife becomes after weeds are removed.

Sahara Mustard Eradication

I am part of a growing and exciting group in Borrego Springs working on eradicating Sahara mustard (Brassica tournefortii) on a large scale. Right now we are in the infancy of developing an eradication plan and removal methods. I will be leading the research on determining the most effective, in terms of costs and plants removed, methods.

This research is being sponsored by the Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy.

Read more about Sahara mustard research at the Sahara mustard Consortium


Chris McDonald, Natural Resource Advisor with the University of California, Cooperative Extension.

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